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Soundpickr Docs

If you made it this far, we're excited to have found you.

Here, you'll find all information needed about music NFT metadata, tutorials & FAQs about the Soundpickr platform.

🎶 Metadata Documentation

Music NFT metadata is divided in 2 connected layers: minimum standards for the creation of a single media NFT, and a secondary layer split in 3 key parts: tradeability, web2 song metadata, web3 metadata.

Basic Music NFTBasic and mandatory details for the creation of image based NFTs.
Extended metadataAdditional metadata layer to future-proof music in web3

💻 Song API

Interested in using our API in order to stream songs?

Connect with APIA step-by-step guide to how to create API Keys.
Use our playerFor who wants to use our custom player.
Implement your custom playerIf you already have your custom player, learn how to get our songs

📖 Tutorials

In this section, you'll find all you need to know about how to find your way in Soundpickr.

Claim label & artist pages

We're aiming to make Soundpickr a site for music discovery. While we keep improving our data pages, users can claim their pre-generated pages or create a new one in order to upload new songs on-chain and generate revenue from web3 royalties.

Account typeDescription
ArtistA step-by-step guide to how to claim artist profiles.

Song uploader

Our partners have exclusive access to uploading music to the blockchain in bulk. Our tools are built to allow rightsholders to track music usage, review real-time reports, and collect royalties whenever their music is used in any virtual world in web3.

Are you a rightsholder and would like to access these tools? Get in touch and we can set you up. It's 100% free to use.

Upload songsA step-by-step guide to how to upload songs using our uploader.
Managing rightsholdersAdding music files to the NFT & crediting each rightsholder/creator


Join our discord in order to get assisted in case of problem / issues / troubles. Here you can find the link.